Re-defining Motion Gaming

The PlayStation Move for PlayStation 3 has redefined motion gaming with the most immersive and realistic gaming experience to date. The simple, easy-to-use, wireless controller captures a full range of motion giving the player ultimate control over how they play the diverse selection of games.

To guarantee the most effective packaging solution Sony approached Offset Print & Packaging to provide a retail solution that would contain all the PlayStation®Move components in two forms:

  • A PlayStation®Move Starter Pack with PlayStation®Move motion controller (wireless), PlayStation®Eye camera, game and PlayStation®Move game demos disc
  • A PlayStation®Move Bundle with everything needed to get started with PlayStation®Move, including the PlayStation®3 system

Protection in transit

The main features required of the packaging were to reinforce the high quality image of the Sony brand, to provide good protection for the product in transit across Europe, to be very quick to assemble with multiple integral fittings and cost effective to produce. This all had to be achieved whilst using the minimum amount of material possible and being environmentally sympathetic in all stages of the raw material sourcing and manufacturing process.

Highly Professional Service

“Technical expertise and product quality from the team at Offset has ensured an ongoing relationship between our two businesses for over 14 years. Having a highly professional service, which has been unsurpassed in this time, is key to supporting the products that ensure that SCEE continues to lead in the home entertainment marketplace.”

Taking Sony By Surprise

The resulting design was a truly innovative pack that fully answered all of SCEE’s pack design requirements. The manufacturing process used almost 100% recycled board with inks and consumables that conform to Sony’s stringent code of environmental conservation – inline with Offset’s status as a ‘Green Partner’ supplier to Sony.

The success of the PlayStation®Move has been phenomenal, taking Sony by surprise. Nearly 1.5 million units were sold across Europe in the first month.